The Competition Is On Fire!

Posted by blogger // March 10, 2017

The real estate investing market is hot and the competition is on fire in the Garden State!  So hot, that some listings are getting more than 40 offers.  Can you imagine more than 40 investors and end-users putting in their highest and best offer with no escalation clause? Oh, my!  That’s what recently happened to […]

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What’s Your Passion?

Posted by blogger // February 15, 2017

I recently read a Richard Branson blog that stated: “passion is one of the most effective motivators when it comes to launching a business – and often one of the strongest predictors of whether an idea will lead to success.”  How many of us have aimlessly jumped from job to job or started a new […]

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No one said it was going to be easy…

Posted by blogger // January 25, 2017

No one said it was going to be easy.  Eighteen months ago my partner and I signed up to be Real Estate Investors after attending a 3-day seminar.  We knew we weren’t going to become instant moguls and had to put in the work to make it happen.   However, after months and months of putting […]

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The Purge

Posted by blogger // January 11, 2017

Over the holiday break, I spent some time purging at my place and my parents. Whoa ! I didn’t realize how much stuff my parents and I had accumulated over the years. As I opened the storage containers in my parents’ house I was hit with moments of nostalgia going through my grammar school, high […]

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Goal Setting for the New Year

Posted by blogger // January 4, 2017

Happy New Year my fellow readers, I hope you enjoyed the holiday season! Today, I’m going to write about goal setting.  “Goal setting is the process of identifying something that you want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes (”  Every year millions of people start off the new year with goals (aka new year resolutions) such […]

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Growth and Contribution

Posted by blogger // November 17, 2016

Earlier this month, I was driving home and I was shocked to see Christmas decorations. As I saw this massive display of holiday spirit, I couldn’t help but wonder how quickly time was flying by. I couldn’t wrap my brain around the holidays approaching and the year coming to an end. WHOA! So much has […]

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Decisions Are All Around Us

Posted by blogger // November 10, 2016

A few weeks ago, our beloved blogger gave her notice. Her work and home responsibilities were too much. She couldn’t devote the time and energy needed to write the blogs. It was a difficult decision but she made the best decision for her and her family. How many times have you had to weigh the […]

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Mistakes Real Estate Investors Can Make

Posted by blogger // October 6, 2016

What is the best thing to learn from?  Books, teachers, peers, videos, hands on experience?  No.  I will tell you undoubtedly that I believe the best teacher to be a mistake.  Yep, a mistake can be our greatest teacher.  That being said, there are definitely some mistakes best learned through other people’s experiences.  In the […]

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Looking for the best schools in NJ

Posted by blogger // September 22, 2016

Many of us investors are looking for deals in NJ.  We look at a ton of factors, mainly the numbers, when deciding where to invest.  Some of these factors include ARV, bed count, bath count, proximity to shopping and eating, quality of neighborhoods, and lastly yet very important, the school systems.  Here in NJ we […]

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Are you a sheep or lion?

Posted by blogger // September 1, 2016

Most people are sheep.  That was the name of a video I came across online.  Most people are sheep. When you read that title, you think to yourself, “I am the farthest thing from a sheep there is. I am a lion!”  Are you though?  Pay attention to this social experiment. Here is the setting.  […]

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