What’s Your Passion?

What’s Your Passion?

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I recently read a Richard Branson blog that stated: “passion is one of the most effective motivators when it comes to launching a business – and often one of the strongest predictors of whether an idea will lead to success.”  How many of us have aimlessly jumped from job to job or started a new business in hopes of finding some pleasure or spark a passion?

I know firsthand how this feels.  It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I found a new passion that sparked my creative juices and newly found business acumen – real estate redevelopment. Prior to taking the plunge with my business partner, I would peruse real estate sites and check out the homes for sale.  I would envision dilapidated homes blossoming into restored beauties for first-time homeowners.  Now I have an opportunity to create these beautiful homes with fix and flips, and build a portfolio of buy and hold properties.

My main reason or passion for pursuing this business are my daughter and parents.  I want to provide them with a better quality of life and give back.  My parents sacrificed so much for my sibling and me that it’s time to pay it forward and let them enjoy their golden years.   They are my reason why I continue to grow, persevere and work on making this happen.  Nothing comes easy even if you are passionate about something.  It takes a thick skin to handle rejection after rejection and some friendly competition.

While passion is an important tenet to thrive in a business venture, it’s only one of many. There are other aspects that need to be taken into consideration per Entrepreneur.  These include:

1.    Expertise to deliver value

2.    Grit to continue the pursuit

3.    Resilience to recover from hardship

4.    Resourcefulness to manage assets

5.    Urgency to make forward progress

6.    Courage to prompt action

Remember enjoy the process which will lead to the results you are aiming for!






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